Mergers & Acquisitions

Integration after acquisition, Germany, 800 employees


  • Elaborate strategies and objectives of the company and tailor them for the employees in the company to be integrated.
  • Organizational and cultural integration of the two companies involved. It was necessary to find solutions to bring together products, processes, technologies and, last but not least, the employees, and to achieve the joint entrepreneurial goals.


  • The company to be integrated was struggling financially and the employees had become highly frustrated. A fast and good integration was very important. Accordingly, the following HR tasks, among others, had to be mastered during the integration phase:
    • Merging corporate cultures
    • Establish and segregate areas of responsibility
    • Re-planning and streamlining processes
    • Encourage cooperation among employees and departments


  • 12 months project duration
  • HR processes were fully integrated
  • Restructuring process with social plan negotiations and a 40% reduced workforce in production was set up within 8 months
  • Project to streamline processes was established and successfully implemented
  • Several company agreements for integration had been implemented


There was a special focus on good and constructive cooperation with the German Works Council. This accelerated the process of integration and helped to achieve success in the social plan negotiations