Improve overall performance

Temp agency, Belgium, 600 employees


  • In a declining market , staying profitable by making maximal use of the internal potential and involving employees as driver of creativity and added value
  • Proving that subsidiary can self-finance future investments
  • High potential for hidden economic performance in all layers
  • Structural dysfunctions between sales & support services
  • Lack of commitment and engagement


  • We worked in 3 steps : First the HQ and 2 business units, followed by 2 other business units and then the agencies
  • Identification and calculation of the economic potential and energy optimization through diagnostic
  • Action plans by and for employees to tackle energy loss with concrete priority setting at all levels
  • Training on management tools to better manage employees
  • Training internal operators to transfer approach and expertise


  • Year 1 after the approach : company grows 8% (profit) while the market performs 2%, higher sales thanks to better and close collaboration between the teams
  • Hidden costs (energy loss) converted into economic added value € 4,9 million
  • Approach has led to new organization structure and better management of BU’s


The company decided to further leverage the management approach to develop future potential