Change Management

Global operating metal industry, Germany Austria & Switzerland, 900 employees


  • HR team of HR Managers, HRBP’s and Administrators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland delivered HR services to their clients in a very complex and unstructured manner
  • No standard processes and procedures were in place
  • No knowledge was shared within the global and local HR community
  • The HR team was organized in silos and had reporting lines to various divisions that strived different targets and visions


  • HR tasks and responsibilities were analyzed
  • Skills, strengths and development areas of the HR team have been explored and the way of collaboration within the HR matrix have been questioned
  • Processes and procedures have been streamlined and simplified
  • An HR IT platform has been determined to establish efficiency and knowledge transfer


  • ONE HR team has been built that reported to ONE division and pursued ONE target
  • Silos have been eliminated
  • HR ticket and knowledge transfer database brought transparency, eliminated double work and improved the HR collaboration
  • Standard processes have been leveraged across all locations and countries
  • HR team members have been allocated to roles that matched with their skills and capabilities


Cost reduction by increasing efficiency, simplification of processes and transparent and clear HR organisation accross borders.