Business driven HR

Several multinational companies, Europe, from 5.000 to 50.000 employees


  • HR is too expensive (< 2.5 % of Co revenue).
  • HR is not considered well within the business, it is more occupied with intellectual rhetoric and has little impact.
  • HR is very siloed and because of that overrepresented in business meetings. It is slow, with many errors and few people able to address strategic and operational business issues.
  • Several new HR programs are launched every so many months with very few being sustained in the long run.
  • Career development is limited within the HR silos and there is a lot of politics in the function.Internal and external benchmarking of best practices.


  • Internal and external benchmarking of best practices.
  • New strategic plan based on existing and potential customer needs.
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined with front end and back office concept. Processes leaned out starting from the customer needs.
  • Development opportunities and capabilities/competencies identified.
  • Projects and programs rationalization per customer input.


  • Total cost of the function 1 % of revenue.
  • Sustainable programs adding value to the customer.
  • Business is asking for HR to be part of their leadership teams.
  • Attrition in HR reduced to < 5 % (coming from 15 +).
  • HR employee engagement up from 55 to 89 %.
  • Marketability of HR professionals inside and outside the organization significantly increased.


Business driven HR solutions at the front end to further the development of the organization.