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Who we are

International Network of Senior Professionals supporting our clients through our Corporate & HR expertise. We assist companies in successfully navigating complexity while ensuring their goals are met by delivering customized HR, Corporate Finance, Communication and Risk Management solutions.

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  • Proven local & global expertise, pragmatic & customer focused
  • Experienced high-level international service providers
  • Communication, transformation, business driven people solutions
  • Best local representation in one international network
  • In-country and multi-country reach for all your projects
  • A unique delivery approach
  • More than 30 experienced professionals and growing

Our mission

Offer our expertise & share our knowledge for organizations to thrive

Our values

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  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, enhance quality and sustainability
  • We deliver innovative solutions, encourage new ideas and diverse ways of thinking
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  • We strive to foster a trusting, open and inclusive work environment where everyone can flourish and succeed to their highest potential
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Integrity & trust

  • We represent consistent ethical and moral standards through our words, deeds and actions
  • Our success is mirrored by our clients’ success, through a long- term relationship of trust
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Value for money

  • We aim to provide cost-effective services in line with our clients’ needs
  • As part of our service we will recommend ways in which customers will reduce their costs and increase the overall effectiveness of their organizations
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Forward thinking

  • We continually develop and update our services to ensure that our clients have the most updated advice protecting their interest, especially in tough labor relations environments
  • Our aim is to create and maintain ongoing business relationship with our clients by delivering superior and measurable value that exceeds their expectations

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